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Ways to De-Stress Your Life

There is no doubting that we live in one of the most stress-oriented times in history. In the past, stress was related to simply surviving, and was typically in forms of finding food and shelter. The type of stress that we have today is wrapped around time and technology and the human body and brain has not had time to adapt to the environment that we live in.  Unless you choose to move to an isolated mountain top, the best choice to make is to adopt methods to de-stress and wind down.


Most people have a semblance of a routine, however it typically resembles more like a ‘triage’ in an emergency room than an established (yet flexible) mode of living.  It may sound simplistic, but creating a calendar that includes everything that needs to be done, who is involved, times and dates is a visual way to establish clarity. In this way you can ‘see’ when there are conflicts in days and times and make the decision to change those to accommodate. Post the calendar in an available area so that all of the family can contribute the information that is needed.


Plan some down time:  Sometimes this is easier said than done, but it is an absolute must. The down time can consist of separating you, your loved ones, your significant other or all of the above so that you are completely away from the environment that causes stress. It can be a country drive, a trip to the park or zoo or just a get-away.


Take yourself off the grid: This is easier for adults than the kids of today. Let everyone involved know that you will not be on the computer and you will have your phone turned off. Take a quick shopping trip, drive, your errands or tool around the house and don’t be involved in any of the technology communication.


Remove the stimulant stressors early and turn down the lights. If you eat or drink any of the caffeinated products, set a time early in the day to reduce or eliminate them. This will allow your body the time it needs to begin winding down.  Pick a time in early evening to begin turning the lights down and instead, light candles. Reduced lighting gives your body the chance to prepare for the sleep cycle to come and you will find that you will have deeper and less interrupted sleep.